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After cleaning company

One of the most common problems we face is the cleanliness of the house after the finishing process. Because of the chaos and spread of paint residue on floors, windows, and ceramic walls. Post finish cleaning.

It is considered a post-finishing cleaning company. One of the best companies that do the cleaning process with high accuracy and at the lowest cost.

Due to the company’s possession of the latest equipment in addition to the experience and training of workers in this field.Post finish cleaning

The most important characteristic of a post-finishing cleaning company is the use of appropriate powders and materials. Each type of ceramic and marble.Post finish cleaning.

We are now reviewing the stages of cleaning the house from the beginning through the post-finishing cleaning service.Post finish cleaning.

It provides all kinds of home cleaning services. It is a company specialized in cleaning closed apartments. Comprehensive cleaning system with high quality and punctuality. It is also characterized by high security, so you do not have to worry about your personal belongings. You are in safe hands. Postf inish cleaning.

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First the floors

Top H cleaning team. Dispose of all construction and finishing waste. In addition to removing all dust using the manual butterfly. And then immersing the floors with water to ensure that they are free of any dust that can interact with the cleaning materials. Then the staff dry the floors from the water well.

After that, the work team sprays the floors with cleaning material according to each type of ceramic or marble.Post finish cleaning.

Then a technician operates the polishing and polishing machine on the floors with the presence of the material to ensure the quality of the cleaning process.

And upon completion of the clearing process. The staff removes the cleaning materials and washes the floors with sterile water well. To ensure that there are no residual cleaning materials on the floors.

Then the work team dry the floors well to start the sterilization process.

Secondly, the windows

The work team dismantles all windows to start the cleaning process by removing paint residues and removing adhesives. The team cleans the windows duct using a dust suction machine. Then the windows are washed with cleaning materials and sterilization, then dried well and reinstalled. Taking care of the safety of the nets from any scraping, breaking or injury.Post finish cleaning.

Third, the bathrooms

The staff cleans the paint residue from the bathroom walls. In addition to washing chairs, sinks and mixers. In addition to spraying and sterilizing bathrooms to ensure that there are no insects in them. And all this while preserving the integrity of the mixers and mirrors from damage.

quarter of doors

The work team polishes it with the appropriate materials while maintaining the doors. Postf inish cleaning.

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Post-finishing cleaning company

It provides all kinds of home cleaning services. It is a company specialized in cleaning closed apartments. Comprehensive cleaning system with high quality and punctuality. It is also characterized by high security, so you do not have to worry about your personal belongings. You are in safe hands and I can explain to you the advantages of the company in the following points:

The company is characterized by being able to provide all home cleaning services with high quality. By specialized people and trained at the highest level. In the use of modern tools in the cleaning process. He is able to choose the best materials to use during the apartment cleaning process. To achieve the highest level of hygiene and sterilization of the home.
Know . Postf inish cleaning.

a post-finishing cleaning company. It is fully committed to the deadlines it sets to maintain its position in the UAE market.
The company is also distinguished by being in the cleaning process, you are in safe hands. You don’t have to worry about your personal belongings.
The company offers you a selection of professional artists and specialists in cleaning operations. And constantly trained to the fullest.
The company also sterilizes completely and using the latest methods. Which makes you the highest degree of protection from the emerging corona virus. Therefore, you use the latest tools and gloves while cleaning. To prevent the spread of infection.
The company works on cleaning glass windows and all types of wooden or metal doors, depending on their type. Post finish cleaning .

Post-finishing cleaning company

To provide many types of services. Including floor cleaning services of all kinds. Living room cleaning service, bathroom and kitchen cleaning service. It also provides a cleaning service for electrical appliances. And marble clearing service, thus the company is able to provide comprehensive home cleaning services. With high quality and with the least effort possible, and at the same time, the company’s prices are suitable for all customers. according to different social classes.

Floor cleaning service

It is one of the most important points that you must do after the process of post-finishing cleaning of homes. Different types of floors, wooden, parquet, tile or ceramic. The company cleans all these types in a special way. Postf inish cleaning.


How to clean ceramic floors and polish marble.

At first, the company uses the latest ceramic cleaning equipment. Porcelain and marble in the cleaning process.
Then you wipe the floor again. Using a mixture of water and chlorine in specific proportions. In order to disinfect and sterilize floors in the best way.
Finally, the company dries the floor. By using a soft cloth to avoid slipping.

Parquet floor cleaning method

The company uses the latest machines in the cleaning process.
Then you use the latest polishing materials that give the parquet the required shine.

How to clean tiles or marble

At first, the company uses a mixture of warm water with baking soda.
You immediately vacuum the tiles so that they are not affected by baking soda and dry them well.
Wipe off the dust on the surfaces inside the room.
Wipe all glass windows inside the house, including mirrors. Postf inish cleaning.

Living room cleaning method

The company initially implements dust and dirt on the surfaces of the room.

Wipe all mirrors and glass.
Clean all surfaces and floors.
Constant disposal of garbage.

How to clean kitchens and bathrooms

Toilets and sinks are washed using the latest tools and the best materials to get rid of germs permanently.
The sterilization process is carried out completely to maintain the health of the residents inside the house. Postf inish cleaning.

Principles of cleaning the apartment after finishing.

The basic principles of apartment cleaning differ from house to house, but the floor is the basis of cleaning and disinfection. You’ll find it on the list of essential household cleanings that you can never do without. You will also find that the polishing step is an important stage in cleaning. Especially cleaning the bathroom, kitchen and glass windows, which is one of the foundations for cleaning the house after finishing.
One of the basics of cleaning the room is to rely on effective detergents to help you get a shiny house, and adding fragrance is one of the basics of cleaning the room, which is to remove all dirt. Get rid of the garbage and wipe the dust in the room. Spread some freshener. Put on a new, clean linen cloth.

The price of the apartment cleaning company after finishing in the Fifth Settlement

Post finishing cleaning company. I clean homes, villas, shops, restaurants, cafes, factories and companies. Here the price varies with the type of unit, the area, and what services the unit will provide. You will find that there are units that need a floor cleaning service only. And other units need many services. And there are those who want to take advantage of all the services, you will find here that the price varies. Also, it always strives to provide the best service with the highest quality and lowest costs. In order to reduce the burden of cleaning customers. This is in addition to offering them constantly competitive prices and huge discounts.

With a guarantee of quality and service. Postf inish cleaning.

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Cleaning the apartment after finishing

One of the most difficult tasks that a housewife faces after renovating her house, and cleaning the apartment after finishing needs several different things than cleaning the apartment quickly at any time. We offer you the best steps for cleaning the apartment after finishing:
Get rid of wall paint residue on floors.
Polish the floors well with soap and water.
– Dust off accessible surfaces.
Wipe all mirrors and glass.
– Clean windows.
-Take out the trash.

Clean the apartment quickly

As for how to quickly clean the apartment. It does not require much effort, such as cleaning the apartment after finishing, so it is possible to rely on quick electrical tools. Which helps you to clean the apartment quickly. Such as using the vacuum cleaner and getting rid of any unwanted tools on the sides of the rooms, cleaning floors, polishing wood and mirrors, changing bed linens, and getting rid of dust on the sofa and furniture.

Home cleaning essentials

The basics of apartment cleaning differ from one house to another. But the floors are the basis of cleaning and sterilization must be applied.
And put it on the lists of home cleaning essentials, and polishing is an important stage of cleaning. Clean the bathrooms and the kitchen well, which is one of the basics of cleaning the house. Postf inish cleaning.

Home cleaning essentials

Also, rely on effective cleaners that help you get a shiny house, and perfuming is one of the basics of cleaning the house by spreading some fresheners in the rooms after getting rid of all dust and polishing and placing new and clean mattresses.

How to clean the house without getting tired

If you are stressed because of cleaning and are trying to reduce the burden on you, the way to clean the house without fatigue can be by dividing the rooms and cleaning them day after day or dividing the priorities.
For example, cleaning floors and polishing a whole day, and brushing curtains and mattresses the next day, or that the cleaning is divided between rooms, for example, the bedrooms first and closing them, then the next day for cleaning will be the share of the living rooms.
As for relying on fast electrical appliances, it may be the best way to clean the house without getting tired, as it reduces the effort and time, for example the electric space, the dust suction machine, polishing and the vacuum cleaner, all of these tools help you clean the house without getting tired. Postf inish cleaning.

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