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Swimming pool cleaning company

Swimming pools are one of the most popular and favorite leisure tools for many people, especially our children, and we all know that the weather in the United Arab Emirates is very hot in most seasons of the year, especially in the summer and spring, so most of us resort to swimming to reduce temperature. And also to enjoy with our children and with friends. Swimming pool cleaning. But owning a swimming pool company imposes a certain amount of responsibility on you, because these pools need special care, and cleaning the pools is not an easy or easy thing, but on the contrary, cleaning pools requires specialists. A high degree of experience, professionalism and knowledge. 

swiming pool cleaning

And therefore..

The TopH company offers this swimming pool cleaning service now, contact us to contact a team as soon as possible. And all the equipment and devices necessary for the cleaning process. With materials and powders.

How to clean pools

The cleaning process cannot be done randomly. But there are several steps that we must follow during the cleaning process, which are as follows:


TopH is the best company in the field of swimming pool cleaning. This is according to the testimony of our valued customers, because we have the latest and most advanced equipment and devices. Which helps in cleaning swimming pools in a distinctive way, in addition to the high speed. And this is what makes us always at the forefront. We do not care about the price, but we care about customer satisfaction, leaving our mark and maintaining our good reputation. And this is the most valuable thing we have in Top H. cleaning services.

swiming pool cleaning company

Swimming pool cleaning stages

We also have an excellent team that has been trained by a group of experts. Next to the latest equipment and modern devices.

Getting rid of dust and dirt by…

With the use of swimming pools on a daily basis, a lot of dust and plankton infect swimming pools, through the fats and oils that come out of the human body, which the person is keen to get rid of. Bathing, therefore, it must be disposed of so as not to contaminate the water of swimming pools, to be suitable for further use. As well as rid swimming pools of dirt, dust and impurities, which fall into swimming pools as a result of dust storms and dust scattered in the air.

Getting rid of algae..

Neglecting to clean swimming pools on a daily basis is what causes most pollution of swimming pools, especially since neglecting to clean swimming pools periodically for no more than a week causes algae formation and dirt sticking to the walls. And the surfaces of swimming pools, which requires clearing swimming pools. From algae in Top H and cleaning swimming pools, 

swimming pools are rid of algae. And from dirt and dust by emptying the pool of water first, and then removing dirt and dust manually. By using gloves and removing this dirt with a little water, with the use of concentrated chlorine liquid. Composed of the right amount of chlorine, with the same amount of cleaning fluid. And the same amount of water and put it on the dirty part to clean it permanently. As well as using the appropriate wipers and cleaning powders. cleaning company.

 Coronavirus Pandemic. A disinfector in a protective suit and mask sprays disinfectants in the room. Protection of COVID-19 disease. Prevention of spreding pneumonia virus with surfaces we touch.

تنظيف مسابح

Dear customer and dear brother,

You must know that swimming pools are exposed to air pollutants filled with dust and smoke. Cleaning the pool with poor-quality powders and detergents, can lead to pollution of the pool.
The pool may also have green or blue spots. It creates algae, worms and animals, because the primary place for swimming pools. It is in the garden, so the greenery will fly and the planting on it will give rise to algae, and the presence of this type of spots requires specialists. In order to deal with these fungi, where they do first. Removing the cause of this spot,

 whether it is algae or larvae, and it is recommended to detect these parasites early. In order to be able to remove it without much effort and as soon as possible, and reduce the harm as much as possible, then we carry out a process of sterilization and disinfection of the swimming pool using high-quality sterilizers.

We are in Top H company

Swimming pool cleaning company, we guarantee you to carry out this process in a safe and secure manner, and at the highest level of efficiency and experience. And this is the testimony of our dear customers, none of our valued customers. Who has tried this service and did not return and request it again, and this is what we always strive for. To leave the good reputation of our customers, this is the most valuable thing we have. And this is my ultimate goal.

It works as follows..

And in order on the presence of algae that comes out as a result of building the pool on agricultural land, and fungi have many negative effects, including yellowing of the pool walls due to the presence of algae in it for a long period of time.
The use of chlorine used in water purification, but in limited proportions, and TopH company provides cleaning of swimming pools, technical workers and specialists trained at the highest level and the latest technological devices.
Carry out all the necessary checks to know the degree of chemicals in the water and chlorine, to maintain the water balance and avoid any imbalance, 

and this can be done every week.
It is also necessary to clean all kinds and forms of toys that children use while swimming because they are used by many people to prevent the transmission of infection from one person to another.
Develop instructions and laws that apply to all large and small to maintain the order and security of the swimming pool.

Cleaning the swimming pool daily to get rid of dust,

fats and oils, which are secreted by humans, which cause water pollution and become inappropriate and unattractive. Swimming pool cleaning company.
It is also necessary to pay attention and be careful to carry out all the cleaning work for the swimming pool at night, because in the morning the high temperature can interact with the sun’s rays and lead to very serious damage.
The pool is completely emptied. These devices also work on suctioning dust and dust that are present in the swimming pools, and are accumulated on the floors of the pool or on the sides of the pool. The pools when left will be full of dust and dust, but the suction devices will work on suctioning all these things.

Steam cleaning devices The steam cleaning processes. Not only is it used to clean upholstery, but many things are now being cleaned with steam because steam sterilizes things when cleaning the pool with steam, it will remove any contaminants from it and works well to sterilize and disinfect pools very well, and we are in our pool cleaning company Many of the steam devices that are used to clean the sides and small corners, which are present in the pool from the inside, as these sides and corners are full of germs, parasites and bacteria, the steam works to remove them completely and works to get rid of any dirt or any contaminants that are present In every part of the pool.

Top H Cleaning Company

To clean and sterilize swimming pools inside and outside Dubai, it provides all its valued customers with phone numbers for easy communication with its valued customers, you can call at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if the lines are busy, call later because customer service is busy with calls from customers Others, or you can leave a comment below the link and we will contact you immediately.

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