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Hourly Cleaning Company

Household cleaning operations are difficult things that require a lot of time and effort to complete the cleaning process, and most people are busy searching for their livelihood, so they do not have the time to do it themselves.

So they need an hourly cleaning company. To do this on their behalf, but where is the right cleaning company, which gives the perfect service with timeliness, honesty, and high quality? Of every hourly cleaning company.

If this is your question, where is the right cleaning company for the right place? hourly cleaning.

Where TopH is an hourly cleaning company, enjoy the complete cleanliness that its duty gives you psychological comfort and peace of mind.

Our cleaning maids, rigorously trained by top-notch specialists, excel in meeting all household needs, from basic cleaning to thorough deep-cleans.

With precision and expertise, our hourly cleaning team ensures immaculate interiors in every corner of your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Experience flawless living with our hourly cleaning services.

hourly cleaning

You must know that you are dealing with a company that is the best among the hourly cleaning companies.

This is attested by our valued customers who, after their initial experience, eagerly sought our services again, praising our team for their exceptional skills and distinguished service.

Their repeated requests speak volumes about our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction by delivering top-tier services and ultimate comfort through our hourly cleaning offerings.

Importance of Hourly Cleaning Services

We do not imagine staying in an unclean place, and we realize how dangerous this is to our health, our children, our psychological comfort, and the consequent presence of insects and epidemics.

Which puts our lives and the lives of our children at risk, so you have to choose from among the best and suitable cleaning companies for you, to clean your house or villa.

Because this has become a necessity because we all know the weather of the United Arab Emirates very hot and volatile climate.

we know what it contains Dust and dust and its effect on the cleanliness of our homes.

From this point of view, we will show you some of our services available to you using the best methods and the latest equipment.  hourly cleaning.


Why to Choose Us As Hourly Cleaning Service Provider?

TopH is one of the best cleaning companies, so its customers are also distinguished. Our services are not limited to homes, villas and companies only.

Also major institutions such as Dubai Medical College and Dubai College of Pharmacy and institutions such as Jawhara Foundation and others, from our distinguished customers.

For this reason TopH has become one of the best companies Cleaning, and one of the reasons for our distinction is our availability around the clock, seven days a week, with quick response and speedy service provision with all professionalism.

Hygiene is paramount in preventing numerous diseases, especially those triggered by the buildup of dirt and germs.

Therefore, it’s crucial to approach cleaning with utmost seriousness, focusing on every detail. Mere cleaning materials and water won’t suffice;

specific steps are necessary to ensure thorough and efficient cleaning of the house with minimal effort and time.

For optimal results, consider employing the services of TopH Cleaning Company, a leading provider in home cleaning services.

Renowned for its vast experience and exceptional service, TopH Cleaning stands as one of the premier cleaning companies in the UAE, offering the best prices and hourly cleaning services.



Our team of profissional maids consists of highly qualified and professional workers and supervisors.

To make sure that we provide a high quality home cleaning service that satisfies us before the customer is satisfied with it.

Commitment: What distinguishes “Top H Cling” company in all its services. Including house cleaning service, apartments, hotels, villas and restaurants, is full compliance with the agreed dates.

Honesty and Commitment: Top H company guarantees to all its clients that all workers and supervisors who perform house cleaning services.

the company has a very high level of honesty, so you don’t have to worry about any personal belongings. hourly cleaning.

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Stages of the Hourly Cleaning Process

The cleaning process goes through several stages that we review together in order to make your home beautiful, clean and tidy.

First clean the kitchen.

The kitchen is considered one of the home cleaning services and the most difficult thing that can be faced in the process of cleaning houses, because it is used daily for cooking and the accumulation of many dishes in it.
Also, the accumulation of bacteria and food residues in the kitchen, would affect the health and appetite of everyone in the house.

so it is important to start cleaning the kitchen periodically, and take care of it in order to have a clean home and sound health.  hourly cleaning.

First, we wash kitchen utensils and items as normal,

or put them in the dishwasher if you have them.
Then we put the kitchen items in the cupboards so that they do not get dirty or dusty. Then we put a liquid solvent for fat on the surface of the stove.

And now we move to cleaning the kitchen surface of any fat, so that it does not harden, and then we move to the stove.

After the grease solvent performs its task and we wipe the surface of the stove, without the fatigue or fatigue that you may suffer from as a result of cleaning the stove in the traditional, difficult way.

After that, we reach the end, which is mopping the kitchen floor.

Always remember to clean the kitchen surfaces daily so that you do not face difficulty in cleaning them after a while, and to get rid of the garbage quickly periodically so that it does not accumulate and result in the presence of insects and unpleasant odors,

which would bother you during Being in the kitchen can also cause diseases.With the most distinguished cleaning companies.  hourly cleaning.

Second, cleaning the house dust.

Our Hourly cleaning company in Dubai starts with the upper areas first, such as the fan, the comedian, the table, the window and the dresser, and cleaning them is using a towel with disinfectant and a little water.

Then we wipe the dust from the furniture and furnishings. We clean the dust from the salon, the dining room, and the hall, first.

Usually the reception is the easiest place to clean because it is not used, and then we sweep the dust from the floors using a broom.  hourly cleaning.

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House Hourly cleaning..

With a hourly cleaning company in Dubai, the bedroom cleaning goes through two stages, the daily cleaning stage, which includes sweeping the floor, mopping the dust, perfuming the bed, and ventilating the room.

The second stage is the stage of deep cleaning, which must be carried out at least twice a month, to maintain cleanliness The room, the furniture for as long as possible, and giving it new touches in rearranging the decor, or placing new accessories.

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Mopping Floors..

Our house cleaning company in Dubai believes that the floor must be vacuumed and dust removed, first before the process of mopping the floor using the mop. We do the process of wiping and cleaning using the squeegee Alshropp. Or a modern electric mop.

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Bathroom Cleaning..

Bathrooms cleaning daily is one of the basic necessities to keep your home clean.

And for your health and the health of your family, the bathroom can easily turn into a fertile ground.

There are many viruses and bacteria, due to the high humidity in it, so you must take care of the cleanliness of the bathroom continuously.

Using cleaning tools, disinfectant and sterilizer, to wipe the toilet seat, sink and bathtub. Polishing the mirror and wiping the floor well with disinfectant and sterilizer to avoid the accumulation of bacteria.

And now we go to some small tasks in cleaning homes.

Change the furniture and bedding.

After removing the dust and wiping the floor, we change the bedding, bed sheets, mattresses and fabrics, which cover the furniture in the house with new and completely clean mattresses.

Polishing surfaces and mirrors.

Using two cloths, one wet and the other dry, to polish the glass surfaces and mirrors in the house, or you can use a wet cloth and newspaper.

Nice to serve you
(House cleaning, furniture cleaning, restaurant hood cleaning, water tank cleaning, carpet and rug cleaning, marble cleaning, comprehensive corporate hygiene, building facades cleaning, post-finishing cleaning)

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The best sterilization company in Dubai

Where sterilization and disinfection against the Corona virus are from a sterilization company in Dubai.

using the materials and directions authorized by Dubai Municipality and the World Health Organization to eliminate the emerging corona virus as Covid 19.

Specialized in sterilization operations against various germs, especially in closed places and on all surfaces. Environmentally friendly sterilization services that eliminate various types of germs.

Sterilization and disinfection systems against corona and the control of other microbes and disease vectors.
The client is done as follows:
Chlorine 10%: It is the first party to sterilize surfaces, and it is used for certain purposes. Such as desks, chair handles,

Alcohol 70%: It is an effective substance to get rid of the effect of germs and viruses completely, and it is used to completely disinfect door handles, walls and electrical appliances, and it is considered the most important section of the sterilization sections of places.

Red concentrated soap: It is a mixture of many chemicals and its purpose is to thoroughly clean the contents of the place.

It is used in floors, kitchen and bathroom utensils. With all its purposes and includes anything that accepts water.

Providing services without evacuation and with materials and with international specifications and reasonable prices for all establishments:

We are a sterilization company in Dubai for homes, companies, factories, organizations, embassies, compounds and malls.
Sterilization and disinfection of schools and universities.

Then sterilization and disinfection of hotels, restaurants, boats, and tourist facilities.

Materials with international specifications and recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization are used, and materials are used to suit all surfaces

Now you can request a sterilization service by calling us at the following number: 058956000 or via WhatsApp via the following link: https://wa.me/971589560000

A video of our sterilization work

  • The most important tips for keeping your home clean
  • Get rid of all the things you don’t need…
  • Organization …
  • Daily garbage disposal…
  • Hiring friends…
  • Make sure you have these…
  • Avoid neglecting dirty dishes…
  • Removing water from the bathroom and kitchen…
  • Cleaning hard-to-reach areas

sterilization services

Make a daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal plan and stick to it at all times

• The daily plan depends on the participation of each family member. In arranging his bed and maintaining the order of his room.

and adhering to the home system in common rooms such as the living or dining room. Hourly cleaning company.

• The living room should be a place for sitting, relaxing and meeting the family. It is not a place to eat or sleep and study. Therefore, he should not leave special tools, toys, or anything else in it. You must clean the bathroom daily.

Either in the morning before your morning bath or in the evening before you go to bed.

• In the weekly plan depends on cleaning the whole house. Changing sheets, cleaning windows, rugs and floors. You can hire a maid to help you, but you have to involve the children in all cases.

• Also, the monthly plan includes the largest campaigns.

Such as cleaning kitchen cupboards, arranging bedroom cupboards, and arranging dining room cupboards. And the niche, etc., and the ventilation of mattresses, and so on.

• The seasonal plan is according to the seasons. Such as washing curtains, rugs, blankets and covers, cleaning. Under the beds, arrange them, change winter and summer clothes, and more.

• Get your children and husband used to putting everything back in its place. And to wash the kitchen utensils used outside the time of the common meal.

• Once the children are old, you have to divide the tasks between them, males and females, to clean the bathroom. For example, a daily task shared by everyone, as well as washing dishes, preparing afternoon tea, and so on.

• Eat food on the kitchen table if your kitchen space allows it. Or on the dining room table rather than in the bedrooms or in the living room.

• Teach you first and make them accustomed to this that the clumps are the basis for the disorganization and arrangement of any house.

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Taken from the World Health Organization
Key facts.

There are about three billion people who burn biomass. (firewood, dung and agricultural residues), and charcoal over open fires or smoke-leaching stoves for cooking and heating their homes.

more than 4 million people die in the early stages of disease, which can be attributed to air pollution inside the home as a result of burning solid fuel inside.

Exposure to polluted air indoors results in 3.8 million premature deaths annually from noncommunicable diseases, including stroke, ischemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer.

Particles inhaled from polluted air indoors,

cause more than 50% of deaths in children under five years of age due to pneumonia.

Approximately 3 billion people still burn solid fuels over open fires and smokeless stoves for cooking and heating (such as firewood, agricultural residues, organic charcoal, charcoal and dung), and most of these are poor people who live in low- and middle-income countries.

These fuels and technologies used for cooking cause high levels of indoor air pollution, along with the emergence of a range of health-damaging pollutants.

Including tiny soot particles that can penetrate deep into the lungs, and in poorly ventilated dwellings they can exceed particulate levels.

The small amount inherent in indoor smoke is 100 times the acceptable levels, and the rate of exposure to these particles is particularly high among women and children who spend most of their time near home stoves.

And therefore ..

Annually 4.3 million people die prematurely from illnesses attributable to indoor air pollution, due to inefficient burning of solid fuels (2012 data).

Kitchen Cleaning by Experts

Kitchen cleaning is one of the most important household chores that most people hate to do. An untidy kitchen can be the breeding ground for various kinds of germs and bugs. However, if you’re short on time, hiring experienced cleaners from a leading cleaning company can help you make your job easier.

Our maids will deep clean every corner of your kitchen – from floor to ceiling, utensils to appliances. They are experts in cleaning every nook and corner of your kitchen. They will sweep and mop the floors, remove fingerprints and smudges from utensils, empty the trash cans, wash countertops, and clean cupboards, control knobs, switchboards, extractor fans, etc. We will clean and disinfect all the surfaces to make sure your kitchen is clean and germ-free.

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