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home cleaning services

At TopH Cleaning Services, we have dedicated ourselves to creating a healthier, higher quality, and prolonged lives for all. Through our eco-friendly solutions and treatments we empower and enable everyone to create a healthier and cleaner environment which leads to a happier and improved lifestyle. We have a range of services from providing better sleep quality, cleaner indoor air quality, highly sanitized home for the pregnant ones, as well as a safer environment for the children. by home cleaning company becouse we have special home cleaning services. by home cleaners.

Why our house cleaning services in Dubai is loved by our clients?

Convenience: Our booking process is just 3 steps (2 if you are already registered). You can easily book through our website or our app in 2-3 easy steps.
Confirmed delivery: If you have a request for a monthly or weekly schedule for cleaning or have a favourite cleaner, we can provide these to you instantly.
Hotel standard cleaning: All our cleaners are trained to perform hotel standard cleaning services in Dubai. This is a very specialized set of skills which none of our competitors can claim.
Experienced staff: Most of our cleaners have worked with us for more than 2 years and they come to clean your home with professional experience and training. home cleaners.

villa cleaning company

What do you get in Home cleaning service in Dubai?

For our home cleaning services, you get the below every time:
1-Dusting of all parts of the home
2-Mopping of the floor
3-Carpet vacuuming
4-Cleaning kitchen cupboards inside and outside
5-Folding clothes
6-And much much more. home cleaning service.

Worried about the expense of working with various housekeepers?

We offer these services on recurring basis as well, choose from hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly contracts. This without a doubt will decrease the expense of running and keeping up individual housekeepers, as you won’t have to stress over visa costs, settlement costs, transport costs, or other expenses.

So let our trained professional and efficient housekeepers ensure your premises always remain welcoming to all your discerning guests.

Book our hotel standard cleaning services in one click or call us today to know more about our professional home cleaning services.

deep cleaning .

Deep cleaning is different from regular cleaning because it reaches the deep grime and dirt in your home. It covers areas that aren’t traditionally covered by a regular clean. Our deep cleaning service covers: behind kitchen appliances like the washing machine and oven, cutting through the grime that builds up; under the sink; inside the oven including the oven door glass; inside of window frames and patio doors;  home cleaners.

inside and outside of all windows; washing all blinds; full and deep dusting including all the corners of rooms for cobwebs; scale removal from all bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, taps, showerheads, scrubbing with scrubbing machines, etc.
Professional deep cleaning is essentially at the end of a tenancy. Poor or no cleaning is one of the main reasons for deposit deductions. home cleaning service.

filipina cleaners in ajman

home .cleaners

Many people want to hire a cleaning company. to help with house cleaning work, we can provide you with hourly cleaning workers. that you need to help with cleaning work. For your convenience, press the number to call 0589560000. Hourly cleaners company, the company provides cleaning services for homes, villas and palaces And offices, companies, and other places, cleanliness helps to kill bacteria and germs that cause us many diseases, hygiene is one of the routine things that housewives do daily, but with the pressure of work and life, housewives cannot deep and comprehensive cleaning everything in the place, and that Deep cleaning by hourly cleaners. takes a lot of time as well as a lot of effort. An hourly cleaning office offers you a deep cleaning service for all places with its belongings, to know more details you can contact us. home cleaners.

Home cleaners in dubai.

We are pleased to offer you a comprehensive. and deep cleaning service. for all property belongings. used desk cleaners by the hour. The best types of detergents that have an awesome ability. to clean and remove all kinds of stains. and dissolve fat and grease that form as a result. of the food cooking process, and we also use steam devices. that help to obtain the highest level of hygiene. in the fastest time, and steam cleaning has proven its effectiveness in eliminating Bacteria. and germs thanks to the hot steam that is produced. thanks to the steamer. home cleaning services

steam penetrates

 into sofas, mattresses, sofas, and salons, cleaning and sterilizing them from the inside, and we have drying devices. that help speed up the drying of collectibles, and we also carry out a pest control service. before starting the cleaning service, and we have a lot of services. You can find out more details by contacting us. while we are in service and receive calls throughout the day. and on official holidays and holidays. home cleaning services.

The best house cleaning company.

TopH is the oldest and oldest house cleaning company in the United Arab Emirates. Because it has the capabilities that make it capable of carrying any project, no matter how large. This is thanks to the hourly cleaners who have a lot of experience. Where they were trained and tested by a distinguished group of experts and specialists. And thanks to the extreme care in the selection of materials and cleaning tools to hourly cleaning workers. We understand that every home or office needs cleaning and some people don’t have the time to do it themselves. We know that it is difficult to find a Dubai house cleaning company that knows your needs, what you want. home cleaners.

 when and how. But at TopH, we are always the most appropriate and best choice, and this is according to the testimony of our dear customers who do not hesitate to request the service after the first time of requesting the service. This is what we seek to make the company’s name always at the top of the ranks to order now from a house cleaning company. home cleaning services.

cleaning company in Ajman and sharjah

Home cleaning service

Most of the residents of the United Arab Emirates are employees. So they are often busy looking for their livelihood and do not have the time to do the cleaning themselves. They always need someone to do the house cleaning instead of them. Hence the idea of an hourly cleaning service or hourly cleaning workers. Hourly cleaning workers are people who specialize in the cleaning process and provide them in the name of a company or institution. A house cleaning company provides this service because most customers do not need a permanent maid in their homes. They just want someone to do the home cleaning service for them.

 That is why the house cleaning company offers hourly cleaning service at unbeatable prices and a very distinguished service. To have a good service and also at a good price. We don’t only think about financial gain. Rather, we look forward to leadership in the field of home cleaning company, and this is our most valuable goal.

company for sterilization services

With the spread of the global epidemic, the new Corona virus, we are all in danger. Therefore, sterilization has become a necessity, and the seriousness of this epidemic should not be underestimated or neglected. Therefore, TopH is specialized in the field of sterilization of homes and gardens. We offer you a home and garden sterilization service using the best modern, advanced and safest methods. home cleaning company.


Disinfection of homes and gardens

A company with experience in sterilizing homes, hotels and mosques with the best existing materials used in the process of sterilizing homes and gardens. We also take care of sterilizing upholstery and carpets, cleaning floors and sterilizing all confined spaces. Cleaning fans and air conditioners inside and out, and cleaning all upholstery. home cleaning company.


1-Sterilization of all rooms such as bedrooms, sitting rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms and lectures.

2-Sterilization of administrative offices, companies, schools, economic and commercial institutions, hotels and all entities.
3-Sterilization of electrical and household appliances, cars, industrial equipment and machinery, as well as water tanks and swimming pools.
4-Sterilizing and coordinating public and private gardens and getting rid of germs and viruses that are in them.
home cleaning service.

First clean the kitchen.

The kitchen is considered one of the home cleaning services and the most difficult thing that can be faced in the process of cleaning houses, because it is used daily for cooking and the accumulation of many dishes in it.
Also, the accumulation of bacteria and food residues in the kitchen, would affect the health and appetite of everyone in the house, so it is important to start cleaning the kitchen periodically, and take care of it in order to have a clean home and sound health.

First, we wash kitchen utensils and items as normal, or put them in the dishwasher if you have them.
Then we put the kitchen items in the cupboards so that they do not get dirty or dusty. Then we put a liquid solvent for fat on the surface of the stove. Home cleaning company.

The importance of hygiene and cleaning

Cleanliness gives us a sense of psychological comfort. and the cleanliness of the place indicates. the cleanliness of the people residing in it. and cleanliness protects us from many diseases. and cleanliness protects us from insects and rodents. so you should take care of the routine cleaning. and sterilization of the house every day, and you can use the office. of hourly cleaners for deep cleaning. From time to time. you can also use us to provide a cleaning service before events, before weddings and weddings, and afterwards. We will provide you with a cleaning service at the highest level and you will be proud of the cleanliness of the house in front of your guests. Do not hesitate to contact us, for prices and details, you can call and talk to a customer service representative.

House and villa cleaning services.

Cleaning the house is a very important step. Because hygiene in itself is a prevention of many diseases, specifically caused by the accumulation of dirt and germs, so this issue must be taken in all its details seriously, and it is not enough here to bring cleaning materials and water and start cleaning randomly, but certain steps must be taken to help clean The house is completely and perfect, 


and with minimal effort and time. It is always recommended to use the TopH Cleaning company, one of the largest cleaning companies with great experience in home cleaning services, and it is one of the best cleaning companies in the UAE, the best price and the best service with an hourly cleaning company. House cleaning company. cleaning services compay.

Best steam cleaning machine

Using a steam cleaner to clean the house has become. an ideal and modern way. It is used to clean all rooms. Did you know that you can clean everything in the house with a steam cleaner? There are many advantages to using steam in the cleaning process. Which will make you wonder why you should not use this method. In this article, we give you a summary of how to use steam to clean the house. steam cleaning machine. 

Advantages of using a steam cleaning machine for cleaning:

There are many reasons why using a steam cleaner is one of the best methods for cleaning the house. We at TopH Cleaning rely on the latest steam-powered machines in the cleaning process

Steam cleaning is not harmful to the environment. Since it does not contain chemicals. Steam cleaning is based on heat. This helps to sanitize all surfaces in the home.

The importance of cleaning

Neglecting the cleanliness of property such as homes, gardens and others is a problem that many suffer from, and this is due to many things such as their busy work or travel, and it is not possible to leave their homes unclean because the accumulation of dirt may cause many diseases permanently, regardless of what their property will look like before This happens and after that, and that is why we offer you the solution through the most distinguished cleaning service in the UAE. The solution is to rely on TopH Cleaning, which gives you multiple services that save you from the trouble of cleaning, as the professionalism that characterizes our company and the certificates obtained in the field of cleaning makes it without No doubt the best cleaning companies in UAE. clean home service

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