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The best cleaning company in the UAE

We all know the importance of cleaning in our lives A clean place for us as human beings is an indispensable thing in our daily lives, A place that is not clean we cannot stay in for a while and this is what distinguishes us from other creatures, We are aware of the importance of hygiene in our daily life This is what makes us always need a cleaning company to help us reach the desired goal, because Top H  cleaning company has the expertise.

cleaning company

The importance of hygiene in our lives.

Many women are ignorant of the relationship between home arrangement and psychological state, as they do not realize the negative effects of neglecting the home, arrangement, or choosing inappropriate paint colors or furniture colors on the psychological state, It is known that places in general affect negatively or positively on mental health, so how is the case with the house in which you spend most of your time.
If your house is in a state of complete chaos it reflects the state of chaos in your subconscious mind, as luggage and items that are scattered in the corners of the house, and in its place have an impact on mental health.

may cause a lack of focus, inability to sleep feelings of distress, anxiety, and constant boredom A scientific study has indicated that, the owners of cluttered homes feel increasingly tired, as a result of the fatigue of the mind caused by the stress caused by the chaotic environment, while a tidy home makes you feel free and that there is a space that allows you to breathe deeply with a feeling of inner peace, Experts consider that cleaning and tidying the house is the best way to deal with stress and anxiety because it helps free the brain from continuing to think about worrying things. cleaning company.

We know the importance of cleanliness and cleaning in our lives and the impact of this on our health, and the health of our children and the extent to which a clean place affects our psychological comfort, and on the contrary when the place is unclean or untidy, and the extent to which it affects us negatively which leads to nervous tension, and psychological disorder and what gives us From negative energy in addition to the spread of diseases and epidemics, and this affects the health of our children and our health. cleaning company. 

Why a cleaning company

The cleaning process is one of the tedious and tiring operations that require more time to do, But most of us, especially here in the United Arab Emirates do not have time for this because most of us are always busy at work, and searching for our livelihood, And here comes the role of the cleaning company.
Because the cleaning company has the experience that qualifies it to carry out the cleaning process to the fullest, Because the cleaning company always has the necessary labor, and equipment which is difficult for most of us to own, And if you are lucky, you will get to know the best cleaning company that has real experience and good employment, There is a house cleaning company in the UAE that has a long history in this field as well as a house cleaning company.

 sterilization company

 a villa cleaning company, and a sofa cleaning company, because cleaning villas must be a specialized company.

As for TopHCleaning, it is a comprehensive cleaning company, that is cleaning and sterilization company, and what makes it always better is that it has a distinguished group of Filipino workers, Who have been trained by the best experts what distinguishes TopH is that it has all the modern devices, and its advanced method of work which is based on professionalism and high quality, And also because we always use the best powders in the cleaning process. cleaning company.

Why us.

TopH is the best cleaning company and the best home and villa cleaning company, Because you have experience in the field of cleaning villas, and this is for several reasons, the most important reasons:
We use the best modern equipment specialized in cleaning upholstery, such as curtains, rugs and carpets, using steam-powered devices.
– We know how to deal with any cause of bad odor, because it always results in the appearance of insects and bacteria.
The high speed of steam to achieve the best results, by eliminating germs and microbes at home.
Modern devices and equipment, always make our work extremely fast, accurate and professional, and this is what distinguishes us from others. cleaning company.

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House cleaning by the hour

company services

The optimal cleaning of the atrium, which is one of the most important pieces of the foundation for any home, needs great care and attention, and this is done through a special powder, according to the type of sofa.
 We clean carpets, curtains, and rugs also using steam.
 The best effective methods and methods for clearing marble and tiles, With care to be well polished to become shiny and in their best form and become like new, is done through devices and equipment dedicated to floors. cleaning company.

Supplying equipment and devices dedicated to dust, and dust suction using the latest advanced methods.

We have a special method for cleaning and polishing bathrooms, walls, and floors, as well as kitchens.
– We polish the chandeliers and antiques, taking care not to break or damage them.
All this is done through a highly professional team, that enables them to complete the process most fully, This is done by using the latest equipment and advanced cleaning durations, which have a major role in completing the cleaning process accurately, and as quickly as possible through a cleaning company.

clean your home

Cleanliness is not an option, but it is an essential thing in our lives, to prevent the spread of diseases and bacteria, Wet surfaces and dirty floors are suitable environments for the growth and spread of bacteria, Thus, the emergence of diseases in your home, the kitchen and the bathroom are among, the most important rooms in which bacteria can spread, if you do not clean them well, so you must set at least a week to clean these spaces and mites, It is one of the most important insects responsible for allergic infection Therefore, you must prevent it from your home, by cleaning it of any dust in the places where it accumulates, Like windows and bookshelves, you can use a vacuum cleaner and suck out all the dust, as well as behind cabinets and under furniture with a cleaning company.

cleaning company

That is why a cleaning company in Ajman offers you the best solutions, Through a cleaning service that relies on hourly cleaning workers, At the hands of a group of Filipinas at the highest level of experience, They were trained by a group of specialists in this company

There are many studies that indicate that the cleanliness of the house, enhances the performance of the immune system. Thus, it protects us from many diseases, and makes us always in a calm state, which improves our mood. Therefore, you should pay attention to cleanliness, as we have in a cleaning company in Sharjah endless offers, And the best service that can be provided to you, A cleaning company in Sharjah is one of the best cleaning companies in Sharjah, And the best cleaning company in Dubai, according to the testimony of our dear customers, Everyone who requested the service once returned and requested it again, The credit is due to the full attention, to satisfy our customers through the best services and advice.


Deep cleaning a kitchen is easier said than done. In order to keep your home hygienic and free from pest, frequent cleaning and steam sanitization of your cutting boards, kitchen appliances, surfaces, kitchen sinks and countertops is mandatory. Most of us simply don’t have the time and energy for deep cleaning our kitchen. It also requires equipments and the right products to ensure a spotless job.

Our process involves cleaning every corner of the kitchen with strong eco friendly cleaning products, removing grimes and grease and finally steam sanitizing all surfaces for a healthy kitchen. cleaning company.

deep cleaning

Deep clean all areas of the kitchen including cupboards, oven, refrigerator, floors and surfaces with environmentally friendly chemical products. Saturate the area with tough dirt for some time, scrub it if necessary with a sponge and wipe it clean.


Wipe and clean the surface with a disinfectant with an antimicrobial barrier residue, leaving the surface clean with a pleasant scent.

dry steam

Our machine generates a fine mist of steam at 180°C with intense heat shock that can kill/reduce bacteria, viruses and other household impurities and dries in less than a minute reducing the chances of mold formation. cleaning company.

Best Cleaning Company in Dubai

Dubai Municipality Approved Disinfection & Sanitisation services are provided all over Dubai.

Protect your premises for up to 10-14 days.

Our cleaning services are tailored to your daily needs, and we are one of the best cleaning companies if you are looking for commercial cleaning and exhibition cleaning to provide you with high-quality cleaning services.  make every effort to ensure that our cleaners arrive on time and leave only after you have confirmed that the cleaning work has been completed as per your specifications.

ensure the safety of our clients and cleaners by fully insuring and vaccinating them. We are also offering exhibition cleaning services at the ‘Cleaning Expo 2021,’ and you can contact us if you have any cleaning needs. cleaning company.

why TopH for deep cleaning?

The weather here in Dubai is something you need to deal with. The dusty and hot weather affects our health and our houses with. A deep cleaning service here in Dubai is much needed. We know that deep cleaning is a large task and any time of the year, you will be needing a deep cleaning service from us.

At TopH, we understand the needs of our clients and we offer them the best professional maids and deep cleaning services in Dubai. Our team of female cleaners will work hard to clean your house, offices etc. from top to bottom to meet your expectations. Unlike general cleaning, the surfaces are cleaned but in deep cleaning, every size, every appliances and fixture in your home will be cleaned to get rid of all dirt.

Our deep cleaning in Dubai includes: cleaning company.

cleaning company

carpet cleaning

Carpets add a different flair to your already beautiful apartment or office. In a city like Dubai, the carpet cleaning experts in Dubai at Toph, understand the necessity behind maintaining the beautiful rugs with repeated deep cleaning sessions. Our carpet cleaning service professionals in Dubai recommend you start with picking the best cleaning services for the carpet whether it be commercial carpet cleaning or residential carpet cleaning service needs.


TopH Carpet Cleaning Service’s commitment to delivering professional quality service in Dubai has enabled us to invest in high-quality carpet cleaning equipment and supplies. Our carpet cleaning experts take it as a mission to possibly get rid of those stubborn stains, as well as work on decreasing allergy-causing dust, and pet hair with our deep carpet cleaning services all across Dubai. Our carpet cleaning company in Dubai employs cleaning tools that reach every nook. cleaning company.

Office cleaning

Finding the right professional cleaning service for your office in Sharjah can be a cumbersome task since there are budgets to consider and so many companies to choose from. It’s also important to find an office cleaning company that is reliable and trustworthy. TopH has partnered with the best office cleaning companies in Sharjah so we can get you a wide selection of quotes and options. Whether you require professional cleaning services for your office or full building cleaning services, we can help! With TopH, you can compare different contract plans, read real customer reviews and get quotes from multiple companies for free!

Who has time for cleaning?

Running a business and managing an office are enough time consuming and energy draining tasks in a day and the last thing that you want to think about at the end of a long day is cleaning up your office space. Thankfully, there are many options available to you in Sharjah to ensure that your office remains spic and span. The best one of which is to hire a professional cleaning service that specializes in office spaces and has experience designing contracts for the task. cleaning company.


Our staff members are educated and professionally trained. They have a strong commitment to excellence and quality service. Our staffs are only lady cleaners with a strong background in taking care and cleaning.

If you need a professional hand in keeping your home in excellent shape, all you need to do is give us a call and we will accommodate you with our part-time maids here.

To give you a better idea, here is our list of services:

General domestic cleaning
Party cleaning
Deep cleaning
Move in/ move out cleaning
After party cleaning. cleaning company.

what types of carpets we can clean?

TopH provides carpet cleaning services throughout UAE, and most of UAE for all types of carpets. We use different professional cleaning methods depending on the fabric your flooring is made from – the hot-water extraction method and the dry cleaning method. Additionally, the dry cleaning method has two different variations, too. Here’s what each of those cleaning techniques is appropriate for:

Hot-water extraction carpet cleaning – hot water extraction cleaning is appropriate for most types of common carpets. It can be used on synthetic (microfibre, man-made, polyester) and woollen materials.
Dry carpet cleaning – dry carpet cleaning has two variations, powder dry carpet cleaning and solvent dry carpet cleaning. The powder dry carpet cleaning is used on hard carpets made of natural fibres. Those are sea-grass, jute, sisal, etc. The solvent dry carpet cleaning is used for expensive rugs and upholstery furniture, as well as curtains made of delicate materials.
Mind that we don’t offer steam carpet cleaning. People often refer to the hot-water extraction method with steam cleaning, but those are two different cleaning techniques. However, the hot-water extraction method remains the most effective one wherever it can be applied.

How does the hot-water extraction carpet cleaning in Dubai work?

Hot-water extraction carpet cleaning is performed with some of the most powerful professional machines on the market. It is also the most effective carpet cleaning method. So, here’s how the cleaning service usually goes:

The technician needs to park his vehicle as close to your property as possible, because the machine is big and heavy.
Once he unloads the machine, he will bring it in together with other needed equipment. The carpet technicians always put overshoes on and a protective sheet der the machine, so that they don’t damage your flooring.
The next step is to fill up the machine with hot water and add the professional detergent in.
Once the equipment is ready, the specialist will remove all small furniture out of his way, so that he has better access to the flooring.

 Please mind that he cannot move heavy furniture and other heavy objects.

Before starting the carpet cleaning service, the technician will carefully inspect your carpet for stains and if any, he will pretreat them with a specialised detergent. He will also spray the whole traffic area of the flooring with the detergent that is in the machine.
Once the preparation work is done, the carpet cleaner will get to the main work until your carpet looks nice and fresh. The hot-water extraction machine injects a mixture of hot water and detergent into the fibres of your carpet. That mixture loosens dirt and makes it easier for removing. The machine then sucks the water back together with all the grime.

At the end of the cleaning service the technician will treat your flooring with a stain-protection detergent, which will not allow any spilled liquids to soak into the fibres and form stains. The effect from that treatment lasts for up to 8 months.
Please mind that after the clean, you will need between 3 and 6 hours before the carpet is completely dry. But for a small fee you can hire an air mover from us, which will help your carpet dry 3 times faster.

Carpet cleaning in Dubai and UAE

Unexplained allergies in your house? Carpet cleaning might be the answer. Allergy and infection causing dust, mites and germs find a convenient hideout in carpets, rugs and throws placed around the house. And if you have kids in the house, you never know what all that rug has soaked up! Dark colours, pile fabric and patterns help camouflage the dirt and stains, giving you the impression of a clean carpet. But that is far from the real condition of your carpet. Call a carpet cleaning company in Dubai to show you the difference between a clean looking carpet and an actually clean carpet. A carpet that is rid of dust and mites means a home free of allergies and a family that is healthy and happy!

Benefits of Our Carpet Cleaning Services?

The power of oxygen is undeniable. Mother Nature has used oxygen to naturally purify the Earth for thousands of years. Now let the power of oxygen clean your carpets!

TopH is a revolutionary carpet cleaning company that is committed to being green. Our carpet cleaning technology creates powerful, oxygenated cleaning system that breaks down spots so that they can be effectively removed from the carpet pile. Plus, our green carpet cleaning is safe for children and pets, leaves no sticky residue, and has a fast one-hour dry time! With our standards of excellence, our carpet cleaners wouldn’t accept anything less.

Of course, anyone can make these claims – but where’s our proof? Right here in our carpet cleaning testimonials. Read what customers are saying about TopH and how we surpass other carpet cleaning companies.

Need something other than carpet cleaned? No problem! TopH also offers upholstery cleaning , sandless wood floor cleaning , tile and grout cleaning. You can also browse our site to learn about franchise opportunities or get coupons and special offers by visiting our carpet cleaning coupons page!


Enjoy professional results for your home
For far more stubborn stains, odours and embedded dirt in your home, a carpet cleaner is the answer. Toph carpet cleaner machines clean deep-down into the fibres of your carpet or rug. Stains and smells vanish, original colour returns and after a few minutes, you’ll start to see your carpet come ‘back to life’. View all BISSELL carpet cleaners for sale in specific categories.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Dubai.

As one of the leading launderers in Dubai, TopH aims to be and is nearly achieving the goal of best carpet cleaning services in Dubai. We apply the safest cleaning methods to upholsterers and carpets while cleaning them; we are transparent and open to all your queries even before you hire us, unlike many other carpet cleaners in Dubai. Feel free to call us anytime to enquire .

Cleaning method

Our work model prioritizes customer relations ahead of profitability. We implement and follow the right procedures to deliver squeaky clean services as enlisted.


There could be a number of different cleaning methods used for sofa and carpet cleaning services. We ensure that our carpet cleaning models are supreme and do not damage the texture of your carpet or sofa. Therefore, we use proven methods to remove the stains and dust from your carpets.


our textile experts conduct a thorough analysis of items (material, quality, damage, stains etc.) before processing them. We follow strict standards of cleaning items to ensure negligible damages and superior quality.

Chemicals Used:

There are a range of chemicals used during the process of cleaning. Certain chemical components are harmful for the durability and sustainability of your clothes, sofa, or carpet. Therefore, we cater to a special category of safe chemicals and avoids all the commonly used harsh chemicals for cleaning your belongings.

Save Time with TopH

Keeping your home clean and safe and enjoying time with your family and relationships is a difficult balance! This never ending cycle is screaming for an efficient solution. Getting ‘time back’ by hiring a professional helper or buying expensive cleaning solutions sounds great, but can be costly and that’s not for everyone. Why not look for a product that delivers a ‘professional’ result, but without the effort?. BISSELL products are the solution. Not only does BISSELL help you to clean your floors, we help you also maintain them, with a budget fit for every stage of life.

TopH, we think one of the  easiest ways of getting time back is having a robotic cleaner. Is there anything better than coming home and opening the door to a freshly cleaned home? We don’t think so. Our wonderful SpinWave Robot does the vacuuming or mopping for you while you are away.

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