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Pest control company in Dubai

The best pest control company in Dubai. Pest control company in Dubai. As TopH Services Company in Dubai. the company enjoys high credibility, workmanship, commitment and honesty. Our company is also approved by. Dubai Municipality. Which.complies with the standards. requirements and conditions of the Public Health Pest Control Department. Classified as a certified pest control company in Dubai.

As it is committed to Top H, the pest control company in Dubai. Providing high quality services. The Dubai Pest Control Company is very distinguished. It is also keen to use sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. to preserve the safety of humans. the environment and animals. Therefore, the company uses the integrated management program. to eliminate domestic and agricultural insects. that cause harm to human health. While it is one of the pest control companies, Dubais, which provides its services for each of the offices. Hotels, restaurants, commercial, industrial and agricultural companies, and marine vessels carrying goods and passengers.

Why do homeowners fear?

From the spread of insects of all kinds in their homes. It becomes even more complicated when traveling and leaving their homes uninhabited. for a long time. There are many types of insects that live inside. the house. Between the furniture and in the folds of the carpet. Insects can seem harmless if we find some every now. and then. But this could be a sign of the beginning of a big problem. They spread and cause serious harm to human health or wooden furniture. Therefore, it is imperative to contact a pest control company in Dubai. To combat it before it spreads widely.

So it is a pest control company in Dubai. It is the best in pest control at all. And this is the testimony of our valued customers. After trying the service. The pest control company in Sharjah has a long history and unparalleled experience.

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TopH is considered the best pest control company in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman.

It is one of the distinguished companies, environmentally accredited by the competent government authorities. To apply the programs, methods and methods of extermination of household insects and the protection of building foundations against termites, as well as we have the best methods of keeping birds away and expelling them, at TopH Pest Control Company Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. We have the knowledge, experience and also advanced studies in the field of pest control of all kinds. Where we provide our services to many food, service and industrial sectors. And inside homes or companies in Dubai, Ajman and Sharjah.

– Types of cockroaches

German cockroach

German cockroach (Blattella germanica). It is the most common cockroach in the United Arab Emirates. Which pesticide companies receive the largest requests to eliminate.

An adult German cockroach is 5 to 8 parts of an inch long. It has long antennae which they use to detect chemicals, moisture, air currents and most likely sound waves and vibrations in the surrounding environment.

German cockroaches prefer warm, humid areas and are most commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms. Thousands of German cockroaches can invade a single kitchen. Therefore, the pest control company in Sharjah must intervene.


American cockroach

The American cockroach (Periplaneta Americana). It is a large cockroach that can reach an inch and a half in length.

American cockroaches prefer dark, moist and warm areas. It can usually be found in basements, steam pipes, boiler rooms, sewers, rubble and other similar places.

Often they are not noticed until the lights are turned on and they run away.

The adult American cockroach, whether male or female, has two working wings. It has a limited ability to fly, but the strange thing is that it rarely flies.

Pest control in Dubai

Eastern cockroach:

It is very dark brown in color and can reach about an inch in length. Adult males have wings up to three quarters below their abdomen, but they cannot fly. Adult females have only small pads of wings. Do not forget to contact the pest control company in Dubai to eliminate all kinds of insects.

Oriental cockroaches tend to live outdoors when the weather is warm, but they go indoors in extreme temperatures, cold or drought.

They can be found in trash storage areas, basements and under rooftops. They are often found along the sills of unfinished basements.

Suriname cockroach:

Surinamese cockroach or greenhouse cockroach (Pycnoscelus surinamensis), a member of the borer family.

It is considered one of the endemic plant pests in the Indomalayan region (India and Malaya). It then spread to the tropics and subtropics all over the world. And in temperate climate areas where an incubating environment such as greenhouses is available. which provide refuge for individuals who have inadvertently been charged into the soil of plants.

The majority of them are female and reproduce through sexual intercourse in which they develop several offspring from their sexual ancestor.

Pest control in Dubai

Asian cockroach:

The Asian cockroach is identical to the German cockroach. In terms of shape except for some small morphological differences. It is about 1.6 cm long, the length of the German cockroach, is brown in color and has two wings. The wings of the Asian cockroach are longer than the wings of the German cockroach. A difference in the shape of the incision in the abdomen can be observed between the two types.


The easiest way to distinguish between them is that the Asian cockroach prefers to be kept outside in the light. While the German cockroach prefers to live indoors.

The Asian cockroach can enter the home by chance through doors, windows, and poorly tight locks, as it is attracted to light. Where it can fly directly to the light source in the entrance of the house or garden.

The Asian cockroach can carry many diseases. When they walk on pans, tables and cooking utensils, these insects can cause an allergic reaction in some people.

How to prevent the Asian cockroach from entering the house:

Sterilization comes first.

Like other insects, three factors are required for the Asian cockroach to reproduce. They are shelter, food and drink. If you can eliminate one of these factors. With proper sterilization, cockroaches will either have to die or move to another place.

Get rid of old boxes and piles of paper where cockroaches can hide.
Use a special container for waste, close it with a tight lid, and keep the waste in a tightly closed plastic bag at night.
Repair drains and taps as cockroaches can survive on water alone.
Cleaning kitchen utensils well and routinely.

Empty pet food containers at night or put them in the back porch or in a plastic bag.
Empty leftovers and confine them to one room of the house. This will prevent the Asian cockroach from spreading throughout the rest of the house, especially in bedrooms.
Use heat treated compost in gardens.

Safe for children and animals.
Ensures quick disposal of insects.
1- It has a light mint scent.
2- It is available in two types, one in the form of a spray and the other in the form of a powder.
3- It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Pest control in Dubai

TopH works like other pest control companies

To provide quick and effective solutions to get rid of the persistent insect problems that real estate owners suffer from. Whether homes, offices or factories, TopH provides both home and commercial services, through the application of specialized integrated programs to eliminate insects of all kinds. If you are looking for a company to control bedbugs or other insects, we advise you to head to Top H, one of the best specialized pest control companies in Dubai.

ant control company

The majority of ant species prefer sunny weather. Our climate would be very favorable to many of them. But the few species found here can be a source of inconvenience to you. when it enters your home. It is not believed that garden ants or black ants may cause diseases. But the problem is that you don’t know where they are looking for their food. So you won’t want them to crawl into your pantry.

 Ants control. Ants move in search of food through extended collective formations. Fighting ants following the paths they created and then gathering around the source of food, then it will become a source of nuisance, whether in homes, organizations or companies, and small dirt piles around holes in the soil and at the base of the external walls point to the original source of ants. All of these things will definitely make you rush to contact the best ant control company Top H Corporation.

ramen pest control

Anti-rumah company. Providing the best pest control services in Dubai. The best you can rely on in controlling your insects. Whether at home, company or anywhere, and as we work, insects are among the most living creatures. that multiply very quickly. It cannot be easily controlled or disposed of. Where you need to specialize to eliminate them, and insects are one of the biggest enemies of humans. Because it contributes to the transmission of many diseases.

 And the spread of epidemics among people, which is why an insect control company in Dubai offers you. The best pest control and extermination services in the best modern ways. Which helps to end this problem from its roots. And the company offers anti-rumh

The anti-rumh company is keen. To be used high quality and effective pesticides. It has the ability to do the job perfectly; That’s why they always do tests. to any pesticides before you use them.

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Pigeon Control Company

The bathroom has devastating effects on the facades of buildings, as its waste is rich in nitric acid. This can damage sandstone, plaster, oxidized metal surfaces, wood frames, and other cladding materials. This leads to erosion of roofs. And you need a pigeon control company to work against annoying birds.

The pigeon control systems we use prevent pigeons from settling in their usual perches. such as cornices, attics, shelves, ledges, window sills, and more. Of the places that are prepared for the settlement of the bathroom,

 regardless of the nature of the covering materials for the building and its complexity, we can make the layer used to isolate the building from the outside. To protect it from the effects of invisible bird droppings.

Bird droppings are also a problem you may encounter. As covering sidewalks, yards and scaffolding is extremely dangerous. It may lead to many serious accidents.

We advise you to use the company TopH to combat the bathroom.

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