Deep cleaning in Dubai

تنظيف عميق في دبي
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The turbulent weather in the UAE and the abundance of dust in the air affect indoor air quality.

One way to improve indoor air quality is to deep clean the home.

Unlike general cleaning where surfaces and dirt are cleaned, deep cleaning is concerned with cleaning all appliances and household appliances in the home thoroughly.

To get rid of dust and dirt

At TopH we pay attention to details in every room such as:

types of cleaning

Kitchen cleaning

The kitchen is one of the most difficult home cleaning services that can be faced in the process of cleaning homes. That is to use it daily for cooking and the accumulation of a lot of dishes in it.
Also, the accumulation of bacteria and food residues in the kitchen would affect the health and appetite of everyone in the house. Therefore, it is important to start cleaning the kitchen periodically and take care of it in order to have a clean home and sound health.

First, we wash the kitchen utensils and items as normal. Or put it in the dishwasher if you have it.
Then we put the kitchen items in the cupboards so that they do not get dirty or dusty. Then we put a liquid solvent for fat on the surface of the stove.

We move to clean the kitchen surface of any fat. In order not to harden and then move to the stove after the fat solvent has done its job. And we wipe the surface of the butane without fatigue or exhaustion. Which you may suffer from as a result of cleaning the stove in the traditional, difficult way.


 After that we reach the end of mopping the kitchen floor, always remember to clean the kitchen surfaces daily. In order not to have difficulty cleaning it after a while, and to get rid of the garbage quickly periodically so that it does not accumulate and result in the presence of insects and unpleasant odors. That will disturb you while you are in the kitchen and cause diseases as well.

With a deep cleaning company in Dubai.


Bathroom cleaning

Cleaning the bathroom daily is one of the basic necessities to maintain the cleanliness of your home and your health and the health of your family. The bathroom can easily turn into a breeding ground for the presence of many viruses and bacteria. This is due to the high level of humidity in it, so you must take care of the cleanliness of the bathroom on an ongoing basis. Using cleaning tools, disinfectant and sterilizer to wipe the toilet seat. And the sink and bathtub, polish the mirror and wipe the floor well with disinfectant and sterilizer to avoid the accumulation of bacteria.

Some small tasks in cleaning homes we do while cleaning

Change the furniture and bedding.
After removing the dust and wiping the floor, we changed the bedding, bed sheets, mattresses, and fabrics. Which covers the furniture in the house with new and completely clean mattresses.

Polishing surfaces and mirrors.
We use two cloths, one wet and the other dry. In order to polish the glass surfaces and mirrors in the house, or you can use a damp cloth and newspaper.

 Cleaning company in Sharjah

In the bedroom: All electrical appliances in the bedroom, such as lights and fans, are cleaned. Keyboards are wiped, and stains removed from walls, mirrors, and floors thoroughly cleaned.

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Cleaning houses, apartments, and villas in the UAE

We offer you a range of special services in the field of deep cleaning in Dubai. We have a group of professional male and female workers who have been trained by a group of specialists. And special prices to suit all categories.

  • Steam cleaning of sofas, rugs and carpets and put them back in place as new.
    Clean the sofa and return it as new.

  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of tanks.
    Clean carpets and rugs in place.
  • Cleaning villas and palaces at the best price
    Full sterilization of homes, apartments and apartment buildings
    Board cleaning service
    24 hours service
  • More than 20 years of experience in the cleaning field in the UAE
    Deep cleaning in Dubai

Hourly house and villa cleaning service

Hourly house cleaning service in Sharjah – Ajman – Umm Al Quwain – Dubai Hourly house cleaning service – % discount on this month – Top H We are one of the best companies that provide hourly cleaners in Sharjah – Ajman – Dubai. Because our company provides the safest, most disciplined and highest-level workers at the hands of specialists and professionals in the field of deep cleaning.

The importance of home cleanliness

Cleanliness is not an option, but it is an essential thing in our lives to prevent the spread of diseases and bacteria. Wet surfaces and dirty floors are suitable environments for the growth and spread of bacteria. And thus the emergence of diseases in your home, so a deep cleaning company must intervene. Because the kitchen and bathroom are among the most important rooms in which bacteria can spread if you do not clean them well, 

So you must set a day at least a week to clean these areas and mites.

 It is one of the most important insects responsible for allergic infection. So you must prevent it from your home by cleaning it from any dust in the places that accumulate. In it like windows and bookshelves, you can use the vacuum cleaner and suck out all the dust, as well as behind cabinets and under furniture.

That is why a deep cleaning company offers you the best solutions through a cleaning service. Which depends on hourly cleaning workers. At the hands of a group of Filipino women at the highest level of experience and have been trained by a group of specialists in this field

deep cleaning services

Carpet cleaning

A deep cleaning company relies on many necessary capabilities in the carpet cleaning process. And providing the best services, which makes the staff able to clean the carpets and get rid of germs. Without exposing the house to chaos and the spread of water in all corners, the company is also interested in choosing the best detergents to avoid the carpets being destroyed after the cleaning process.

Sofa cleaning.

A cleaning company in Ajman imports the finest types of fast-acting cleaning materials. In removing difficult stains and accumulated dust and dirt, the company is also interested in obtaining sterilization materials to get rid of bacteria and germs that cause serious human diseases. The company owns the latest equipment and devices used in the cleaning process. To achieve a comprehensive cleanliness of all corners of the apartment, while providing the valued customers with the service of perfuming the boards and furniture after the cleaning process.

 Deep Cleaning Company has many years of experience in the cleaning field. Which led to its ability to provide the highest level of service needed by the client. The company knows the clients’ need for individuals to clean all the apartment’s purposes and corners. It is the most common thing in which the accumulation of dust appears, which gives a bad impression and a feeling of chaos and discomfort. The company’s team also provides furniture cleaning and disposal of dust accumulated on it.

What distinguishes a deep cleaning company

Quality: Our team consists of highly qualified and professional workers and supervisors.
To make sure that we provide a high quality home cleaning service that satisfies us before the customer is satisfied with it.

Commitment: The most distinctive feature of “Top H Cleaning” in all its services. Including house cleaning services, apartments, hotels, villas, and restaurants, is full compliance with the agreed dates.

Honesty and Commitment: “Top H King” company guarantees to all its clients that all workers and supervisors who perform house cleaning services are of a very high level of honesty, so there is no concern for any personal belongings.

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