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carpet washing company

Top H Cleaning, the carpet washing company. is keen on satisfying customers and establishing. great long-term relationships with them. as evidenced by the impressive success. it has achieved over the past 15 years until this moment!. Starting from washing dull carpets and fixing. their color to removing stains and odors. you will find all this within the services. of the best carpet washing company in Dubai. From the very first moment. that our employees perform the carpet washing service.

 By putting their fingertips on the carpets of your house. the result will be more than wonderful without any doubt. Accuracy and professionalism in dealing. with carpets is their first task. always! We promise that you will be amazed. by the wonderful results. that you will see in the details. of the rugs as they decorate. the floor of your home. After completing its cleaning. and sterilization operations. in the best carpet washing company in Dubai.

Cleaning is one of the essential. and indispensable things on a daily basis.

 As the process of neglecting it leads to the spread. of microbes and viruses in the place. In addition to the shape of the place. I seriously change. and when you are a permanent employer. It is better to call the services of cleaning companies. One of the best companies. is the Dubai Carpet Washing Company. It is one of the first companies that provided all the advantages of cleaning. operations that international companies go on. It used the most skilled staff of trained. and specialized workers in each operation separately.

 So that there is a high quality that accompanies. the cleaning process. Top H, the carpet washing company. has been distinguished. by the expertise. and skill of its employees over many years. When you receive your home carpet. you will feel as if it is new. as you will not notice a difference. from the first time you bought it. The speed in completing the services provided. by TopH carpet washing company. is one of the most advantages that you possess.

What distinguishes Top H cleaning

Our company has distinguished itself in the field. of carpet washing and rug washing. Thanks to the long experience of our trained. and experienced staff in the field of carpet cleaning. in all Arab carpets. Western carpets. and carpet cleaning. Thanks to the use. of the latest carpet cleaning. and washing tools. and the best materials used in this field. Carpets and rugs are washed.

Our employees are always ready to receive your calls and inquiries.

One of the important and necessary things. to be taken care of for the lady of the house. Because cleaning and washing carpets requires periodic. carpet cleaning so that the carpets remain clean and sterile. especially with the presence of children in the house.
Carpet cleaning requires carpet cleaning companies. that enjoy professionalism and excellence. in the work of cleaning and washing carpets. especially Arab carpets.

Why clean carpets and rugs in Dubai

A tried and trusted carpet. and rug cleaning company in Dubai.
Housewives suffer from a lot of dirty home carpets. so you have to clean it. but you feel hardship and fatigue during the process. of cleaning carpets or rugs, for this we say to every woman. There is no need to get tired and worry about cleaning. your home carpets. we have all the capabilities that. give the carpets cleanliness and luster. including the following:
We have workers and technicians. who are able to wash and clean the carpets. As quickly and efficiently as possible.

The use of powerful detergents, eliminates dirt from the first time.
Using steam equipment and machines. you clean the carpets in an amazing way.
Specific dates in the delivery. of carpets without delay or postponement.
The possibility of cleaning the carpets in the client’s home. or in the company’s cleaning places.
Our prices will not be matched. by any other company working. in the same field, as we are the cheapest. and best in carpet cleaning methods undisputed.

Tools and equipment used by carpet cleaning companies in Dubai

German-made vacuum cleaners.
Steam washing equipment called “Steam”.
Then the carpet cleaning equipment with foam “Single Disk”.
Drying foam suction equipment.
High quality detergents.
Brushes of several sizes to clean invisible spots.
French and Italian fragrances, to last for long periods.

Carpet cleaning methods explained to you by a carpet cleaning company in Dubai, Top H Cleaning

When the customer contacts the company’s customer service, an appointment will be set and the customer’s address will be attached with it.
The service employee asks the customer about the location of the carpet cleaning, whether at home or in the company’s laundry, and based on the customer’s desire, the following is done:
A large car with technicians inside is dispatched on time, to take the carpets and clean it in the company’s laundries.

When the carpets arrive at the laundry, the employee in charge writes down the name of the customer and the number of carpets that will be cleaned, as well as the delivery date.
The workers straighten the carpets, regardless of their size, colors or the material they are made of. We have a team trained in the best cleaning methods.
At first the worker passes the vacuum cleaner over the carpet in general.

Determine the stains stuck on them, as the technician will put some special detergents to remove the stains.

Dealing with stains according to their type, as there are fat. coffee, ink, grease stains, and each type. of stain has its own detergent, to remove them quickly. without causing any damage to the carpet threads.
After removing the stains, the worker uses the cleaning equipment, whether steam equipment. or foam washing equipment, and the supervisor decides to use the type of equipment, as he has experience in the types of carpets and the best cleaning methods.

If foam washing equipment is used

the operator runs the machine. over each part of the carpet, until dirt and dust are removed.
The last step in carpet cleaning. is to use a foam suction machine. where the worker passes the machine. over the carpet, until all the foam is sucked out. and cleanliness appears on it.
Hang the carpets on high racks in the sun, so that they are sterilized inside and out.
When the carpets are delivered, workers unload the carpets. and scent them with long-lasting fresh scents.
The workers take the carpets in the company’s car. to the customer’s place, and it is delivered on time.

Home cleaning and sterilization company. offers the best tools for cleaning. and sterilizing all rooms. Such as bedrooms, sitting rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms and lectures, sterilizing administrative offices, companies, schools, economic and commercial institutions, hotels and all entities. Sterilizing and coordinating public. and private gardens and getting rid. of germs and viruses that are in them.

شركة غسيل السجاد في دبي

Novel Corona Virus (Covid 19).

Companies have become in the field of services. It works to provide a cleaning and disinfection service. To sterilize all places where customers are. whether sterilization at home. in the company, factories, offices, apartments and public institutions, due to the spread of viruses in the recent period, especially the emerging corona virus. Which makes our company a sterilization company that seeks to preserve the health of customers, which calls for the use of specialized sterilizers for sterilization and to eliminate viruses or germs on a large scale

 and its results remain for a long time. and companies specialized in sterilizing any homes. or companies were not in demand. in past years as now. It seems that the spread of the Corona virus. as the global pandemic is currently. has drawn the attention of customers. to the need to pay attention. to the use of sterilization materials in homes. offices and companies on a regular basis. which makes them safe to a large extent. with interest in disinfecting. and cleaning the spaces. in which you are located. which calls for the use of the services. of a company Sterilize for this.



We spend almost one-third of our life on mattresses. Putting on clean sheets is not enough to say the bed is clean. You should also think about what’s under the sheets. People hardly think of cleaning their mattresses. The hidden dirt absorbed by the mattress causes a foul smell and itchiness when you lie down. Your mattress is exposed to things such as sweat, dust, skin flakes, drool, and even a kid’s urine. Even with normal vacuuming of the mattress or changing the sheets, you cannot get rid of the debris gathered on your mattress. We provide professional mattress cleaning services in Dubai. Our expert team of cleaners removes every stain or spot on your mattress and ensures it’s free of dust mites and allergens.

It’s vital to have a clean mattress to keep you relaxed, comfortable, and healthy. You will get the bad smell out of your mattress with the cleaning. Also, it will maintain the fabric, and you will be kept safe away from disease-causing germs with our mattress cleaning. We use Handheld UV Light Vacuum Cleaner for removing dust, pollen, bed bugs, and bed mites from your mattress. Our mattress cleaner team will provide your mattress the specialized care using the right machine at a low cost. Each corner of your mattress will be clean, fresh, and disinfected.

How we work!


We will check the mattress and use the right mattress cleaning method. The most effective technique followed is the mattress deep-cleaning by shampooing. We use German-made Karcher brand cleaning equipment with a very strong vacuum. The mattress would be dry and chemical-free after the process. We restore the original freshness and status of the mattress without any odor.



A sofa is the most important place in your house due to the comfort and visual appeal it is providing for your whole interior of the house. In Dubai sofas easily get dirty due to the dusty atmosphere around, causing allergy and other related health issues quickly so the cleaning becomes a necessity. The right chemicals, the right equipment, and a trained cleaner are the strict requirements for an efficient sofa cleaning process. Even if it lacks one of them, your sofa will be damaged for sure. We understand this fact better than anyone. Hence, we provide efficient and affordable sofa cleaning services in Dubai with a fully dedicated team of trained and professional cleaners. We are experts in cleaning shampooing, sanitizing and removing the stains from your sofa to make it look brighter and fresh as new by retaining the original color, appearance or texture.

Why is sofa shampooing and not steaming?


Both are techniques for cleaning the sofa. We are providing upholstery cleaning services in Dubai for over three years and have tried both. We find the best results in shampooing and got better feedback from our client on sofa shampooing. The fabric and color of the sofa are maintained by the shampooing process.

We do onsite sofa shampooing at your place at a suitable time. You can use the sofa after 3 hours of the service. If we are not able to remove the stains, we will not charge anything. We have vast experience in the field of sofa cleaning services as we have customers on a daily basis with different conditioned sofas. Cleaning the sofa is not a choice it is a requirement and we have customers doing it once in 6 months. We also advise you on the same.



Carpets are among the most beautiful decor used to furnish your home or office. It is due to the feeling of softness and warmth they provide. But carpets and rugs collect all the dirt and germs brought into your homes, through shoes, and from pets. Thus causing indoor air pollution and breathing problems. Normal vacuuming is not enough to remove the dirt and germs hidden inside your carpet. This requires a professional company like us. We provide professional carpet cleaning services in Dubai at the best price.

It’s vital to clean your rugs to improve your home or office hygiene and your health. Your carpet will look better and feel softer. Also, our rug shampooing and sanitizing service will improve the indoor airflow and air quality of your home. We will remove the carpet smells by neutralizing carpet odors at their source, rather than simply covering up the smell. It leaves your carpet smelling fresh and clean. Our carpet cleaners in Dubai will remove all the mites, and germs from the carpet. Removing the stains and dirt will promptly protect your carpet from damage. It will make the life of your carpet last longer.

Why choose us?


We use proven technology in the removal of dirt, stains, and allergens. This helps to achieve the best results possible. Also, the odor filled in your home is absolutely removed and neutralized after the cleaning. The cleaning product used prevents further damage as it protects against wear and tear. It is perfectly safe for kids and pets. Most importantly, a very powerful vacuum cleaning equipment extracts all the water out of the carpet, leaving minimal moisture. So, it will be dried in a very short time.


The following are the overall details of our carpet cleaning process:

  • Carpet shampooing
  • Removal of stains and watermarks
  • Carpet sanitizing
  • Carpet deodorizing
  • Prevention of potential contaminants
  • Carpet encapsulation
  • Eco-friendly cleaning
  • Groomed carpet achieved

How we work!

We will check your carpet and then use the right carpet cleaning method. Shampooing and sanitizing the carpet is the most popular, safe, and successful technique. For that, we use German-made Kärcher technology. All kinds of dirt and stains are removed with deep vacuuming and shampooing. The carpet will be dry and chemical-free after the process. We restore the genuine freshness and status of the carpet without any odor. The steps involved are:

Our Services