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Termite extermination company

Among all the insects, rodents and other pests that annoy and annoy homeowners. Everywhere there is nothing more dangerous than termites. Only termites alone can destroy the foundation of the whole house in a few years. The first destructive actions of termites may not be noticed in the first five years of an infestation. And yet it may be too late to salvage what can be salvaged. Your home may be very important to you or it may be all you own. That is why it is important to take appropriate steps to protect your home from termite extermination companies..

And rid your home of it immediately if it’s already there. Through the termite extermination company.

Termites are classified as cockroaches. There are about 3,106 species of termites. that have been classified. Other types have not yet been. classified. Termites live in colonies in the form of a group. of male kings. a group of female queens, and a group of male and female workers. The colony contains millions of termites. so its size is very large. Prefer to live in the subtropical. or tropical areas or anywhere. Except for Antarctica. They reproduce by eggs, and termite queens can live about 30 to 50 years, and they are among the longest-lived insects. termite extermination company.

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Termite food?

Where termites feed mainly on cellulose. You get it from various sources such as wood, leaves, and grass. and herbivore manure. It deals with peace. or decomposing wood slightly. Termites collect leaves and straws and store them in their colonies for later eating. It is found in the bodies of termite protozoans that help in the digestion of cellulose. By secreting the enzymes cellulase and cellulase. termite extermination company.

 which break down cellulose into glucose and acetic acid. Termites also feed on fungi to take their vitamins and proteins. Fungi can be obtained from decaying wood. and termites build gardens of fungi. that grow on their combs. And consume it completely and use it as food. Termites also feed on captured human flesh. dead skin, or dead or injured individuals within the colony. To take the nitrogen needed for their growth and reproduction.

What are the signs of a termite infestation?

You may not see direct evidence of termites. But that doesn’t mean you should remain clueless about it. Overhanging floors or holes in timbers and hollows in a home’s foundation. All are dangerous warnings of the presence of termites. You may see termites themselves sometimes.

  • Enter the vault with a screwdriver and flashlight. and check the vault and foundation pillars by hammering on wood. To see if there is a cavity or not, insert the screwdriver into the wood to find out its strength. If the screwdriver goes through the wood easily and the wood falls off, you may have termites.
  •  termite extermination company.
  • When doing this check be sure to also look for termite droppings. Termite droppings are balls of feces that are woody or dark brown. The presence of these droppings near weak wood may indicate an infestation.
  • You may also find a termite nest in the house. An infestation. of underground termites will cause the ants to build tunnels from pipes and mud. An infestation of termites in dry wood will cause a nest to appear in the wood.
Ways to eliminate termites The reason behind the search for ways. to eliminate termites is that this insect eats wood. and furniture in the house and harms it and in humans as well. which is very annoying and unpopular and indicates a lack of hygiene. and it spreads very quickly in home, and the most prominent methods of termite control will be mentioned as follows:

Locating termites:

Among the most prominent places where termites can be found are holes. in wooden furniture. hollow places, and clay floors. or it can be noted that termite excrement. is in the form of dark wooden pellets.

Determine the type of termite:

Where there are two types of termites. underground termites and termites in dry wood. the damage of subterranean termites. is greater than termites in dry wood.

Making a cartoon trap:

It is done by using two layers of wet cardboard, which contains cellulose. which is preferred by termites. and when termites come on the cardboard. it is taken out of the house and burned. and the process is repeated more than once.

Beneficial nematodes:

They are nematodes that feed on termites. They can be purchased at garden stores and placed in the soil to kill termites.

Use of sunlight:

In the event that termites are at the beginning. of their spread in a piece of furniture. the furniture can be taken out to sunlight where. they are killed by heat and light, and this process continues for a period of 2 to 3 days. Or contact a termite extermination company.

Freeze termites:

The infested piece of furniture is placed in a large refrigerator for 2 to 3 days as lower temperatures kill termites.

Boric acid use:

It is used as an insecticide that attacks the nervous system of termites and kills them.

Call the termite extermination service:

If the problem gets too bad, a professional termite exterminator can be contacted.

Keeping the house dry:

Where termites breed in wet areas and need water to survive, any water leakage inside or outside the home must be stopped.

Creating a protective barrier around the house:

Where the barrier contains the termite repellent that contains fipronil in a specific concentration and its placement forms a liquid as a barrier that works to kill termites and ants.

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Elimination of termites:

Most of the old traditional insecticides. create a complete protective barrier that protects the buildings. but by expelling all termites and not killing them. and therefore these insect repellents allowed. the insect to search for areas free of the pesticide. to enter the building or any nearby building. which makes the epidemic spread strongly. so the development of Pesticides so as not to expel termites, 

but rather to allow them to enter the treated area. but after crossing a very small distance. insects are affected as a result of exposure to the pesticid.e and termites are eliminated instead. of expelling them previously. so it is necessary to use pesticides without smell completely. which can be arranged. and ensured With the termite control company. that you will contract with.

Termite colonies:

1: the maid

It is responsible for all the damage caused by termite infestations, as it feeds and feeds all colonies of the colony, and represents about 97% of the colony’s population, and its color is dull, sterile and blind.

2: the soldier

It is responsible for guarding and protecting the colony. It has strong and serrated jaws, and the head is dark in color and represents one third of the length of the body, and the rest of the body is pale light in color, and its number reaches from 1-3% of the colony’s population. The insect is sterile and blind.

3: winged fertile sexual individuals

It appears in the fall and spring, its color is dark, it has eyes that see and wings, it is fertile, and it turns into queens and kings to create new colonies.

4: the queen

It is the result of fertile sexual individuals and there is a single queen in the colony and works to bind all the members of the colony and produce eggs, where she lays about 6 eggs per minute, and only one king lives with her in the colony.

floor base

First, a study must be conducted to determine the damage to the building, and we take into account the environmental and urban characteristics such as humidity, heat and the presence of materials containing cellulose with standards for the installation of stations and baits.
Once the work plan is completed, we will move on to installing the stations. They will be installed outside the building taking into account the target 

area at distances greater than 5 meters between them.
Stations should have test wood to enable monitoring and facilitate contact with termites.
After establishing contact with termites, baits will be placed in the stations and filled with biocides. The plant should be upright to avoid excessive moisture, which can cause termites to lose contact. Humidity should be stable and regular. Elimination of white ants.

And also

Baiting and changing stations should be done very carefully to speed up contact with termites and to avoid any change in ant behaviour.
In urban areas with concrete floors, a flat plastic cover can be replaced with an adjustable metal cover with a safety lock. To facilitate installation, the outer edges are removed.

Feeding units should be reviewed periodically once a month. It is important to keep feeders in direct contact with termites. Once the colony is eliminated, the feeders can be used as control units in order to eliminate the lice.
The wall box (the base of the wall) must be installed to intercept the passage of termites, as appropriate for each circumstance, either on the wall, window, door, window frames, branches or other areas with damaged wood.

The bait

must occupy the entire base from the inside, create the best conditions for the formation of a suitable microclimate for the start of colonization and take special care to maintain a constant level of humidity
Puncture the bait bag several holes with a small slit in the inner sheet to facilitate direct contact with the active bait cord.

Moisten baits by mist using distilled water to speed up contact with termite feeders and to ensure consumption. termite control
The bait should be placed very carefully to speed up contact with the termites and to avoid any change in the ant’s behaviour.
If the ant attack is not visible and obvious but we are aware of their presence, it is recommended to use headphones to locate the termites.
In these cases, display stations can be installed by facilitating the use of contact wicks with the elimination of termites

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Eradicate the colony

  • The results of the TermiGuard system are based on knowledge of termite behavior and the environment in which it is located. In addition to the presence of baits filled with the active substance Diflubenzuron. During the control process, constant monitoring by a professional is indispensable.
  • It should be noted that during the first few months, there will be a consumption of pulp and this consumption will gradually decrease due to the continued weakening of the colony.
  • There are several cues in the behavior of ants that signal their termination.
    Termite activity slows down.
  • Whites in the abdomen of termites. Termites are generally transparent in color and their brown color is due to food. As the termites consume the bait, you will notice an increase in the whiteness of the outer shell of the new elements produced by the colony.
  • Class investment in the colony. As the workers die from lack of food, the other layers of the colony are forced to search for food, and they begin to notice the presence of soldiers, larvae, and lower classes, and an increase in the number of soldiers at the station.
  • Weakness and decay in workers and soldiers.

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