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bed bug control

We have to know that there is a small insect. At the present time, it has spread in many parts of the world, such as: Britain, Europe, Australia, Asia and large parts of America. And a number of Arab countries are bed bugs. It caused many damages to the citizens. Therefore, we must beware of them, because they hide and are hardly seen. And recently appeared in the bed of the finest hotels and furnished apartments in many countries of the world. And we should not go home carrying this harmful insect. Blood-sucking.Bed bugs are small insects (non-winged and their length is (4-7 mm). Its color tends to dark brown and oval in shape)

 that sucks blood during the night and causes severe itching, therefore, sensitivity and exhaustion due to lack of sleep. It feeds on blood, especially when a person sleeps day or night in dark rooms. The female lays about 200 eggs throughout her life. for instance, The insect needs 2-3 months to complete its life cycle. in addition, Crawling insect is small in size, brown in color and flat in shape, its length does not exceed 4 mm. after that, It feeds only on human and animal blood. – The female lays a large number of eggs which are white in color –

 The eggs remain

 vital for an estimated period of 3 months. The nymphs progress through 5 stages in their growth and move from one stage to another after a moulting process, the completion of which requires food for the insect on a blood meal. – She can live 12-18 days without food, – it is enough for one female in the house to have a new focus of infection. bed bug control

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The cause of the spread of bed bugs

Clean homes are usually free of bed bugs. But the problem affects some when staying in hotels or chalets in hot, humid and semi-hot areas or cold, high places. This is because those little bugs move into boxes and luggage. What helps its spread also is that its eggs are not visible to the naked eye. As well as the increase in the number of travelers who frequent the affected areas. As we mentioned before. Also, buying used furniture that breeds and hides bed bugs. It leads to its spread to new non-infested places. The level of cleanliness inside homes often does not affect most cases of the spread and increase of these insects.

If bed bugs are present in a place, they spread from room to room and from house to house, and so on, so it is necessary to combat bed bugs. The presence of pets in the house, such as dogs and cats, increases the possibility of the presence of this insect because bedbugs mainly parasitize on humans, and if they do not find them, they intrude on domesticated animals, birds and even rodents. They also abound in homes and hotel apartments that have multiple residents, and the presence of bedbugs is less in homes in which one family resides for a long time.

How to make sure that there are bedbugs in your house

bed bugs hide in crevices, furniture, and other places inside the home, and come out at night to feed on human blood.

Bites alone may not raise suspicion of the spread of bed bugs. Instead, you need to be aware of the many clues that highlight its existence.

Simple tips to help protect your home from bed bugs

According to the pest control company TopH. There are four main signs of bed bugs in your home.

Dark spots:

The first thing to look for is the “dark or black spots” that may be on the mattress or the area around the mattress, caused by dry bed bug droppings.


Insects emit odors called ‘alarm pheromones’. The smell has been described in several different ways, compared to the smell of coriander or something like the smell of mold.

Another sign of bed bugs in the home is spotting small insects or tiny white eggs in cracks and joints of bedding and furniture. In addition to bite marks on the skin.

Of course, the clearest sign of a bed bug problem is seeing it for yourself. Although the insect is up to 5 mm long, it can still be seen and its skins shed.

If you notice any bed bug activity, it is best to seek professional services as soon as possible, as it may be difficult to get rid of them on your own.

People may not realize they have a problem, because the bites are usually painless and it might not occur to anyone to observe parasites.

Bed and bedding isn’t the only area you need to look for bed bugs, as they can appear in carpet and lining, plank edges, wood floorboards, cracked or broken plaster, and in electrical sockets.


These sneaky pests can also hide in drawers and wardrobes.

He likes to regularly check anywhere a person sleeps for bed bugs, as they need easy access to their “blood meal” at night.

Moreover, bed bugs are “attracted to body heat, producing carbon dioxide from our breath”.

Since bed bugs are well adapted to travel, they may make a trip home after purchasing furniture from a second-hand or antique store, so such items should be checked and treated by a pest control service before taking them home.

bed bug control

Bed bugs damage to humans

As we all know, insects do not cause any harm or disease to humans
But he will leave a sting in the punctured area and suck blood from there, and later people are disturbed by the sting and have a desire to scratch it.
This bite may also cause an infection due to exposure to any type of bacteria
However, in chronic and rare cases, a person may develop hemoglobin deficiency or iron deficiency
It is also difficult for this insect to spread the hepatitis B virus mechanically.

This insect also prevents the people of the room from sleeping due to its constant bites, so it wakes up every now and then, and although it has the property of dispelling narcotic substances, it does not enjoy a calm and comfortable sleep. The area from which you intend to take blood so that the person does not feel it during the withdrawal process, and it also secretes a substance to prevent blood clots and facilitate eating

Getting rid of bed bugs

Bed bugs are a challenge to get rid of, they hide in many small places, and research and treatment must be meticulous. In most cases, it is best to use specialized pest control companies. Experienced companies know where to look for bed bugs, and they have a variety of tools that they use and owners and occupants have to help them in every way, including getting rid of unnecessary items and sometimes infested mattresses, and since bed bugs spread throughout the building, Adjoining rooms and apartments should also be inspected.

Also, one of the ways to get rid of bedbugs is to make sure that you do not have any hole on the wall or any picture installed on the wall. This will reduce the rate of increase in the nest. One of the traditional methods is to ignite a bag or sack of (burlap) in a metal container.. And when the fumes are released from Burning burlap.. Smoke and fume in it all the rooms where bugs are ((Proven method)). There are some people who say that dry basil leaves (you find it at the perfumer) have a great role in getting rid of this disease when spreading the leaves in the affected rooms.

bugs hiding places

Bed bugs can live in any crevice or protected location, and the most common place is bedding, usually hiding between cracks and folds, under edges and in the corners of mattresses and beds. Careful inspection requires that the beds be completely dismantled, with the aim of a careful search. To completely get rid of this harmful insect, all clothes and mattresses can be washed with white kerosene, as well as spraying walls, cracks, doors, windows and everything made of wood with white kerosene, which eliminates it immediately

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1. Reducing temperature and humidity:

The key to getting rid of bed bugs is to keep your home comfortable and dry. When the humidity is more than 50%, bed spots grow. Try to measure the humidity level in your home and get rid of excess moisture if necessary. On dry days, make sure that fresh air reaches the house. The American Lung Association recommends opening windows for one hour each day to help reduce humidity.

The appropriate rate for room temperature is 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit, especially the bedroom because it is the main place for the presence of bed bugs.

2. Regular cleaning:

Getting rid of dust completely once or twice a week goes a long way in getting rid of bed bugs. Always try to clean the house of dust by using a damp cloth. This helps to avoid spreading mites through the air and wash the fabric at a high temperature or get rid of it completely.

Wash bedding and soft furnishings at a high temperature:

Bed bugs cannot survive in high temperatures of 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit. Bedding should be washed weekly at high temperatures. Other furnishings such as pillows and carpets should be washed once or twice a month at high temperatures.

3. Freezing:

Some textile items such as silk pillowcases or stuffed toys. It cannot be washed at high temperatures. If these items are small enough, put them in a sealed bag or container to freeze for 24 hours. In order to work to kill bugs and get rid of allergens. After freezing it, you can shake it vigorously to get rid of dead bed bugs, and whenever possible, it is preferable to wash it afterwards.

4. Spray Diatomaceous Earth:

Diatomaceous earth is a fine powder made from the fossilized remains of small aquatic organisms known as diatomaceous earth. The skeletons of these creatures are cylindrical in shape with sharp edges. It does not affect humans but can be fatal to parasites. And small insects, including bed bugs.. To reduce bed bugs and kill fleas in carpets and bedding, apply a light layer of diatomaceous powder. Leave it for a few hours and repeat this treatment as often as possible.

5. Simple Decoration:

Try cleaning the outer surfaces of unnecessary decorations such as picture frames. Book stacks, stacks of paper you don’t need to use. This is to reduce the number of bed bugs in your home and rejuvenate it.

It is also a good idea to reduce the oily pillows on the bed and sofa and replace them with cotton pillows to reduce the hiding places of bed bugs. Also, softening the surfaces of the house from the carpets and leaving the floors completely bare contributes to cleaning the house from bugs. You can easily wash the carpets once a month.

6. Reducing the number of houseplants:

Although houseplants are a great addition to your home. However, it can build up a layer of dust and provide a haven for bed bugs. . If you cannot live without having a number of green spaces in your home. Remember to wipe the plant’s leaves regularly with a damp cloth.

You can also work to reduce other allergens in your home. By choosing some plants that make less mess. And be sure to choose plants that help purify the air, such as bamboo, as they are plants that help you sleep better.

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