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House cleaning

About Us ?

TOP H Cleaning Company is one of the best cleaning companies in Dubai that provide all facilities services and cleaning the destinations of glass companies and chimneys. It also cleans office furniture and restaurants and removes dust from carpets and rugs.

The cleaning process is usually a troublesome process for its owners, but for us it is the best solution for our team that is able to convert cleaning into an enjoyable process that is done quickly and proficiently because we depend on the strongest team trained on the functions of destinations cleaning, internal cleanliness, housekeeping and marble clearing, and we focus in the Top H Cleaning Company on quality The speed of implementation is through a structured and arranged program, and we rely in the Top H Cleaning company on the use of high-quality raw materials with international brands. Use of the latest devices, equipment and tools home cleaning services

High quality materials

Our company gives you a level of services that reflects years of experience the company has in the field of cleaning services

A specialized team

We have a full team of highly qualified supervisors, workers and workers in this field.

customers satisfaction

We use the most hygienic and advanced technology in the field of hygiene that leaves nothing but the smile of our customers

Services for individuals and companies

The cleaning services that we provide are not limited to a specific place or facility, but include homes, companies, industrial sites, restaurants, schools and universities, or whatever place needs cleaning.

Our Services

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Sterilization and Disinfection

We Offer Disinfecting & Sanitation Services In All UAE Residential & Commercial Areas. 24/7 Fast Response. Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Solutions for apartments, schools and etc. 100% Chemical-Free.

House cleaning

House cleaning

Apartment cleaning services for the best apartment cleaning company in Dubai do not constitute any burden at all. We are always happy with difficult cleaning operations.

cleaning company in dubai

Carpets and rug cleaning

Keeping carpets and rugs clean is important in every home, so we make sure to use the best hygiene methods to clean carpets and rugs.


Polish the marble

Working with leveling the marbles with diamond diamond discs, filling in the blanks between them as well, and repairing any fractures that may be present on them

تنظيف خزانات المياه

Clean the water tanks

We are specialized in disinfection and sterilization of drinking water tanks, through the use of the latest scientific technologies that are compatible with international quality in the field of cleaning and disinfection of water tanks

Cleaning companies

Offices Cleaning

Provides many of its clients with cleaning and maintenance services for their facilities at a high level and a high level of service in terms of cleanliness and great beauty.+

Hood cleaning In restaurants

Hood cleaning In restaurants

Best restaurant chimney cleaning company in UAE We have the highest integrated performance you will not find with another company in the field of restaurant chimney cleaning


Post-finishing cleaning

One of the most important steps after finishing the process of finishing is to perform the cleaning to remove the remaining structures of the suspended construction in the walls and ceramics.

تنظيف الزجاج الخارجي للمنزل

Building Facades Cleaning

Cleaning the destinations is very important because it maintains the general shape of your place, especially if this place is an institution or a commercial place which gives the customer or visitor an impression of negativity or affirmative according to what he will see from the level of performance and cleanliness of the place

During the past few years we have worked in United Arab of Emirates

Why choose Top H Cleaning Integrated Cleaning Services Company?

top h cleaning experience

More than 15 years experience

Top H Cleaning is one of the major companies specialized in the field of cleaning the glass, marble and cladding facades using (Aspiderman), scaffolding and sliding ladders. And the general

top h cleaning modern methods

Cleaning with modern scientific methods

We provide the best services and consultations in the field of hygiene (internal – external) by modern scientific methods, using the latest international equipment and techniques and materials that are safe in health, without damaging the contents of the facility and with a high degree of efficiency and quality.

top h cleaning international companies

We got the confidence of major international companies

Providing a specialized technical team with scientific and practical experience to fully implement the program · Providing the latest equipment and the best cleaning materials, disinfectants, sterilizers and air fresheners · Providing our client with everything new in the field of cleaning and the best materials that can be used without damaging the contents of the facility

Best Facade Cleaning Company in Dubai

Top H Cleaning Company provides cleaning services for building facades in Dubai Top Clean Company is one of the most influential and productive companies in the field of cleaning building facades in Dubai and this is certified by our valued customers

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