Sterilization and disinfection against Covid-19 Corona virus

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Disinfection Sterilization company in Dubai Top H

We provide a sterilization and disinfection service against the Covid-19 Coronavirus, using WHO-authorized materials and guidelines for virus elimination.

Specialized in sterilization operations against different germs especially in closed places and on all surfaces, environmentally friendly sterilization services that eliminate various types of germs

We offer sterilization and disinfection systems against corona, combating other microbes and disease vectors
The client is done as follows:
• Chlorine 10%: It is the first party to sterilize surfaces and is used for specific purposes such as offices, chair handles, switches, and places for placing hands
• Alcohol 70%: It is an effective substance to get rid of the impact of germs and viruses completely and is used to purify door handles, walls and electrical appliances completely. It is considered the most important section of sterilization for places.
• Red concentrated soap: It is a mixture of many chemicals and its purpose is to thoroughly clean the contents of the place and use it in floors, kitchen appliances and bathroom with all its purposes and includes anything that accepts water

Providing services without evacuation, materials, international specifications and suitable prices for all establishments:
Sterilization and disinfection of homes, companies, factories, organizations, embassies, compounds and malls
Sterilization and disinfection of schools and universities
Sterilization and disinfection of hotels, restaurants, boats and tourist facilities

Materials are used with international specifications and recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, and the use of materials to suit all surfaces

-You can request sterilization service by means of a “steam machine” for sterilization, which is a boiling point of water at a high level that is used for special furnishings …. or request sterilization service through a micro-spray device to distribute disinfection materials to sterilize the largest possible area and corridors, The cost does not differ when ordering one of them, but the method of sterilization differs.
The cost is up to 200 meters / by two workers and we can cover large areas

The service is provided by trained and experienced workers in a scientific and practical way.

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